1. How does the Floral subscription work?

Choose the date you’d like your subscription to begin and then on that day of the week, you will continue to receive fresh flowers delivered to your home or workplace, depending on your frequency, weekly, fortnightly or monthly

2. Does it include the vase?

You receive your flowers, arranged in a vase . This vase is on loan to you until the date of your next subscription delivery.
We ask that you leave your vase out on your doorstep or reception desk to be collected on delivery day.

3. Can I choose the flowers?

we make a selection on your behalf. Sourcing the freshest, most in season flowers You do have the option of letting us know if you’d like something specific or if you have allergies, and we’ll try our best to accommodate your request

4. Where do you deliver?

We deliver floral subscriptions to most of Geelong and the Surfcoast

5. How do I care for my flowers?

By following the steps below, you will get the longest life from your flowers; 1. Keep out of direct sunlight and away from high levels of heat 2. Change the water every second day 3. Remove any leaves that are submerged under the water level 4. Give the stems a cut on an angle to re open the stems allowing them a greater surface area to drink (do this each time you change the water) Each flower is different, some will last longer than others.....remove flowers that are wilting to keep your arrangement looking fresh

6. Will the flowers I order look exactly like the photos?

The photos are to demonstrate the size and quality of the arrangement you’ll be sending/ receiving. You can be assured that your flowers will be fresh and beautiful